our mission remains

We Value our Events, Meetings and Members . . .

Meetings in our building are not possible following health guidelines, but that does not stop powerful women from safely gathering to plan and achieve our goals.  

Summer, 2020

What happens when one of the NWC favorite events . . .one that we have held for 60 years needs to be cancelled due to a pandemic?  NWC does not pout about our Fine Art & Artesan Fair, we innstitute a "Spread Cheer . . . Chalk the Walk!" program. See our Instagram posts at the bottom of our home page to see some amazing chalk artist's work.


At our July meeting, members enjoyed

  • learning how to create refreshing Sangria from Nancy and Mary

  • were encouraged by Kim to continue exercising

  • found out about the importance of documenting our COVID-19 thoughts from Melody

In August, members continuted "masking-up" and social distancing while we

  • listened to Senior VP of Operations and COO of Rush-Copley Hospital (and NWC member), Mary Shilkaitis tell us about how the hospital and their staff coped with COVID-19.

  • got upper body exercise with "Kick'n It with Kim"

Some members enjoyed themselves in the city as they learned about the architecture of Chicago!

  • September 4th outing, planned by the Program Committee (Thanks to Sue Hanegraaf for making the arrangements for us!)

September 16th Business Meeting

  • Social distancing and masking up continue!

  • Sue explains the results of a membership survey to determine the comfort level of meeting in person vs electronically

  • Karin explains the revised budget. Members approved our "Pandemic" version

  • Donna talks about October 21 members only "Witches Night Out" plans

  • Crafty Ladies showcase their Christmas stocking project for Operation Support Our Troops

"Community Kindness" project benefits  Midwest Shelter for Homeless Vets (MSHV) 

  • Two committees teamed up with members and our community for an impressive collection of goods and cash.

  • $6,500 of Inkind donations and another $550 was added in cash and gift cards for a total of $7,050 in contributions to MSHV.

  • Thank you Ways & Means and Public Issues for this incentive!

Who doesn't love Skeletons?

NWC members Ann, Sandy, Geri, and Jennifer recently showed the club's support to our sisters at Naperville Junior Woman's Club by decorating the clubhouse front door. Contest fees are donated to Safety Town. See their creation on the left.

Our member, Nancy de la Hoz took action at her own home to create a winning "Spooky" entrance.  See her creation on the right.

Of course, a Halloween theme was chosen.  We are missing Witches Night Out this year, but certainly hope to be back on Wednesday, October 6, 2021!  We hope to see all our Witchy friends then as we once again raise funds for those needing help and all our philanthropies.

Check out this NCTV17 video that spotlights NJWC's project:

Nancy Spooky Halloween.jpg

Witches Time Out!

So . . . This Covid-19 simply can't get NWC members down with the cancellation of Witches Night Out. We changed it up to a members only Witches Time Out in Central Park. Members enjoyed each other's company in a masked, socially distanced event. Activities of the sunny, fall day included the Witch Dance (of course!), a Mask Contest, two fantastic Ghost Stories, and a Live Auction.

Special guest Contest judges were Stephanie and Tim from Positively Naperville.  Check out their story!

Witches Time In!

Members and their friends enjoyed time with Pinot's Palette either socially distanced in their studio or virtually as they painted the Hallow-Queen!  We found some amazing artists in our group!

Thanks to Pinot's Palette and Pam for sponsoring the event and donating to Naperville Woman's Club.


Fall/Winter is here . . . November was the first Zoom Business Meeting.  

Members learned to navigate technology of 2020 as they participated in monthly business meetings. For the November program, we had a "Zoom" presentation about St. James Farm. St. James is part of the DuPage Forest Preserve system.  

1st Zoom meeting

Ways & Means Committee is getting creative!

Each and every NWC member can honestly say they have missed our traditional Fine Art & Artisan Fair and Witches Night Out events. Both energize our membership through working with each other . . . but they provide a source of revenue for our club to maintain our commitment to our community for philanthropic donations along with needed funds to upkeep and preserve the historic "Old Stone Church." 

Anderson's Bookshop

In November and December, W&M offered two fundraisers to our membership and friends.  The November fundraiser was a yummy chocolate sale with the Cocoa Exchange.  (Who does NOT love chocolate!) Orders were placed online with our club receiving a percentage of the sales. 

Our December fundraiser was a partnership with Anderson's Bookshop.  Facebook and Instagram, along with members advertising to their friends provided much needed funds to our treasury.

the cocoa exchange
Tea Collage.jpg
Zoom Holiday Celebration!

December Program - 

Holiday Tea & Breakfast at Tiffany's Celebration

Sixty years ago "Breakfast at Tiffany's" opened in movie theaters. So, of course  members gathered via Zoom to celebrate the season, and each other by hosting their own "personal" tea.

Melody Coleman won the Most Admired Hat contest with her tiffany blue fascinator.  We found that several members used a tea cup from the Naperville Garden Club's "Cup of Cheer" events from various years.  It was interesting to hear the family stories about their holidays. We were fascinated by member's favorite present from their childhood during a "Champaign Chat." Teamwork helped to find the answers to a holiday tea, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and NWC trivia contest.  Taking time out to treat ourselves and each other provided an interesting way to end the 2020 calendar year.

January - Field Trip to focus on Philanthropy

NWC has had a long association with Loaves & Fishes.  They work tirelessly to feed counsel, and address the everyday needs of the families they serve. A small group of members recently toured their facilities and learned about the changing strategies to serve our area families throughout the pandemic.  We are grateful for the work their organization does each and every day. For more information, visit their website at

February - Program meeting learning about sustainability

Our environment and concervation are two critical topics for every GFWC organization. NWC is not exception. For our February, we learned about sustainability from Joliet Junior College’s Professor Maria Rafac. Her interactive presentation talked about doughnut economics. Recycling is an important step, but for sustainability on our planet, the doughnut theory expands to include social foundations with ecological ceilings.


March- Program meeting celebrates women in the non-traditional careers choices

Our Education Committee has been studying trade career paths for women and to see if NWC could help women's goals in the future. Lisa Schvach from WorkNet DuPage and Karyn Charvat from PowerForward (and GFWC!) talked about career paths for women in non-traditional careers.  

Their message was clearly of hope for promising futures to those who plan and take part in these available programs.  This is clearly a necessary service so many people need as they begin, restart, or start all over in their careers.  Although members were aware of the discrepancy between male vs female earning power, seeing it in print showcases the need for young women to open their eyes to their full earning potential. We enjoyed hearing about their programs touching kids in Junior High School so that they begin to think about career possibilities. NWC hopes their parents get on board with those girls as they set their career goals.  

Karyn also spoke about the goals of GFWC-IL concerning the Blue Ribbon Fashion Show. One could certainly equate raising funds to prevent child abuse to helping mothers feel secure with themselves and their earning power to provide for their families. Some (definitely not all) of child abuse issues are due to parents being overwhelmed with their life circumstances.  Assisting them with their career is such a vital step for them.